Card Order

Learn how to create and change card orders status

To create a physical or virtual card, the client should submit a DAPI endpoint CARD ORDER. Successfully created new card requests should contain information about the cardholder. DECTA API has 11 unique card order scenarios depending on the required client, card and agreement type.

All card order scenarios can be found here.

If new card is created for client already having DECTA Secure account, latest provided password will be assigned to it.

Once you have created a new card order, you will be able to follow up on the order status via GET/v1/api/orders. This request returns a list of your card orders. The card orders are sorted in descending order by created date - the most recently created object appearing first. To receive a list of orders starting with a particular order, provide either its id or external id number.

Order status values

Here is the list of orders status values and their description:

  • Registered – a card order is registered in the system and awaiting the launch of the manual card issue process
  • Processing – a card order is registered and is awaiting for manual processing
  • Duplicated found – a card order is registered but duplicate orders have been identified
  • External check failed – an external person validity check has failed
  • Completed – a card order is registered and completed
  • Rejected – a card order is registered but issuing has failed
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