Provided services

Learn about DECTA API provided services

Before deciding with which DECTA API (Issuing or Acquiring) to proceed you should learn about the services we offer. After that you will be able to easily choose the features your business and customers require.

Issuing Services

Services/Features For White Label For TPP
Connection to Mastercard & Visa payment networks DECTA DECTA
Processing of authorisation messages Full/partial Full/partial
Settlements and clearings with Mastercard & Visa DECTA DECTA
Serviced card brands Mastercard VISA, Mastercard
Card personalization and PIN generation services Tieto Evry Various
Risk management and fraud prevention system DECTA DECTA or other
Dispute management DECTA DECTA or other
Mastercard Identity Check & Visa Secure for online payments DECTA DECTA or other
Card management reporting DECTA SFTP DECTA SFTP
Card management:
  • card order
  • change card delivery address
  • replace card
  • supplementary cards
  • easy card status change
  • PIN management
Push notifications Webhooks to end-point Webhooks to end-point
Tokenization Coming soon Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
Messaging Infobip Infobip, Twilio or other
Spending limits Agreed with DECTA Decided on client's side
Acquiring Available as additional service DECTA

Acquiring Services

Services/Features For TPP
Legal Entity Creation and Management DECTA API
Merchant ID Creation and Management DECTA API
Rate Plan Creation and Management DECTA API
Terminal ID Creation and Management DECTA API
POS Terminal Ordering Terminal Service Provider
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