Releases 2020

Release 1.33 - 18.12.2020


  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/card-data4 allows to retrieve sensitive card data information for a card.


  • Company Name on the card and contact fields can be indicated for new cardholder in businessClient card order request.
  • Changes in POST/v1/api/cards/order endpoint for zipCode field length is up to 15 characters.

Release 1.32 - 27.10.2020


  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan} allows to receive all tokens associated with a card.
  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan}/pan-reference-data allows to retrieve pan reference identifier associated with a card.
  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan}/token-reference-data allows to receive all token reference data associated with a card.
  • New endpoint PATCH/v1/api/tokens/{ppan}/tokens/{tokenNumber}/state allows to change the status of token.
  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/card-data3 allows to retrieve sensitive card data information for a card.
  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/otp-secret allows to receive OTP secret value. OTP secret can be passed for the authorisation in card-data3 endpoint to the sensitive card data.

Release 1.31 - 23.10.2020


  • Minor performance improvements and under-the-hood fixes.

Release 1.30 - 07.10.2020


  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/clients has been added. Returns a list of clients and their information. Clients are ordered in descending order by their creation date, with the most recently created client appearing first. Filters are available.
  • New endpoint GET/v1/api/clients/{clientId} has been added. Allows you to retrieve a particular client's information. id field is added to Cardholder model to allow supplementary card ordering for existing clients.
  • Added address object to Cardholder model. Allows you to order private supplementary and any business cards to new clients.
  • New priority field has been added CardPreferences model.
  • New design field has been added CardPreferences model. Use it to order plastic cards with a specific design.
  • New transaction type FORCE_WITHDRAWAL added to 'Process card transaction' function.

Release 1.21 - 02.06.2020


  • New endpoint POST/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/replace has been added. Now you can order a card replacement in case an existing card is lost or compromised in any other way.
  • Special endpoint GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/pan_cvv is introduced to enable PAN and CVV sending to the cardholders of virtual cards.


  • We have corrected the situation when the math symbol in front of some hold types was previously displayed incorrectly during the first 10 minutes after creation.

Release 1.20 - 12.05.2020


  • New userDefinedField1 field is added to PrivateClient and Cardholder

Release 1.16 - 14.01.2020


  • 500 http response code answers of POST Transactions in case of insufficient funds has been changed to 400 and supplied with "Insufficient funds" message
  • 500 http response code answer of Update Card State operation has been changed to 400 when card state can't be changed due the card is in final state
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