Once you have integrated with DECTA API, you should test all your selected basic functions. Some of them are possible to test on your own, but for others you will need to contact the DECTA Support team to assist you. Additional functions can be tested only after submitting a request to your Account Manager or in the Production Environment.

Here is a list to clarify what you can test on your own and when you will need assistance from us:

Function type Short description Testing conditions
Card Order New card issuing You should check several scenarios that will be used by you.. As a result you will receive an order confirmation in response.
Order Status Retrieves a list of card order status Once you have successfully created card order, you can check it status to know in what step is your created order.
List of cards Retrieves a list of submitted requests
Card Information Information about issued card In case of successful request, you will receive the card information, like product code, expiry of card and status of card.
Card activation The first status change for issued card To activate a card it is necessary to provide the last 6 digits. Available upon request.
Card block by Partner Change card status to blocked
Card block by the holder Change card status to blocked
Card block permanentaly Change card status to blocked Permanent status, not possible to unblock the card.
Card Unblock Change card status to unblocked It is possible to unblock card if it has been suspended (Blocked by Partner or Blocked by the holder). If you have blocked the card permanently, it is not possible to unblock it.
List of cards List of already issued cards
List of holds List of succesful authorisations, which are not yet cleared with financial transactions Available upon request - if test authorisations have been made.
Card top-up or withdrawal Allows to change card balance by making top-up or withdrawal
List of transactions List of financial transactions with a card Available only for internal transactions, like withdrawals. Other transaction types not available on test environment.
PIN code remind A sequence of digits received by cardholder via SMS Available upon request - if card is personalized and PIN code is loaded.
PAN/CVV reminder Middle part of PAN and CVV received by cardholder via SMS Available only for virtual cards.
Phone update Cardholders phone update
Card delivery address Card delivery address change
Card passphrase Card passphrase change
Card replace Allows to replace a selected card Only for plastic cards and previous card should be permanently blocked.
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