Learn how to retrieve and manage tokens

Tokenisation is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security. During the payment transaction, tokens are used instead of card number The token is a string of seemingly nonsensical letters and numbers, which represent a 16-digit token card number. This functionality provides an opportunity to store and process token data for tokenisation services that digitize a PAN into a token for use within a digital wallet in a mobile device for contactless POS transactions, or in-app purchases. The token is passed by the digital wallet to the merchant. For in-app purchases, the digital wallet (for example, Apple Pay, Android Pay) uses the stored token to make payments. A token is provided to the cardholder when the card credentials are entered into a digital wallet.

When you want to receive all created tokens for a specific card, you should use the request GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan} to get a list of tokens with detailed information.

The request GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan}/applepay-reference-data is designed for Token Service providers to receive a PAN reference data for selected card number.The request allows users to receive PAN reference data for specific card using ApplePay flow.

As Token Service provider, you should use the request GET/v1/api/tokens/{ppan}/googlepay-reference-data to obtain the Token reference data for a selected card number. The request allows users to receive token reference data for specific card for all GooglePay tokens of 03 - “Host Card Emulation” type.

If you need to change a token status, you should use the PATCH/v1/api/tokens/{tokenNumber}/state request. Allowed token status values: ACTIVE value can be used only to restore a card when it is in SUSPENDED status; the SUSPENDED value can only be used when a token is in ACTIVE status to temporary suspend a token from usage; the DEACTIVATED value is equivalent to permanent token delete. Can be used only on tokens with an original status of ACTIVE or SUSPENDED. This status change can't be reversed.

Other available token statuses are not allowed for use in this endpoint.
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