Learn how to create and send reminders to your cardholders

Reminders are a normal part of life and something your clients might benefit from when it comes to current PIN codes or virtual card numbers; DECTA API makes this possible.

For clients who have and want to use their virtual cards, but have only a partial card number, use the request GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/pan-cvv to send an SMS containing the middle part of the PAN and CVV2/CVC2 of a virtual card to the cardholder’s phone number.

Use the request GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/pin to send existing cardholders reminders concerning forgotten PIN codes via SMS.

Receive a count of PIN code entry attempts

If your cardholder has entered several incorrect online PIN codes in a row, you can receive the incorrectly entered attempt count by using the request GET/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/pin-try-counter.

The maximum limit for incorrect PIN code entry attempts in a row is three.

Reset number of PIN code entry attempts

Once a cardholder comes close to exceeding the number of permitted online PIN code entry attempts, it is possible to reset the number of entry attempt counter by using the request POST/v1/api/cards/{ppan}/pin-try-counter.

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