It is important to be informed about each card transaction and have access to card information at any time, so we provide our customers with several ways to communicate with their clients on any device. A notification is a message that is sent to a cardholder’s device to provide them with card status changes, communication about transactions, or other timely information from the partner or DECTA.

Supported notification events for cardholders:

Notification type Card type Notification method
Virtual Plastic SMS Push
Remind card details    
Card Authorisation
Token OTP  
Token Activisation  
Remind PIN  

Push notifications

Push notifications are messages that can be sent directly to a user’s mobile device. They can appear on a lock screen or in the top section of a mobile device. An app publisher can only send a push notification if the user has their app installed and enabled to receive notifications. Push notifications are delivered to customers' designated URLs in JSON format. As soon as a new event has happened, push notifications are triggered and sent to a customer’s URL.

Event examples:

CARD_AUTHORISATIONS event delivers authorisation details to the customers URL and includes the following information:

    "accountNumber": "0045868"
                "name":"Decta merchant",

All authorisations should be sent from the Processing System: e.g. successful, unsuccessful.

E3D_OTP event delivers authorisation details for 3DS enrolled cards to customer's URL and includes the following information:

"type" : "E3D_OTP",
    "typeDesc" : "3D One time Passcode",
    "time" : "2020-09-02T13:41:06",
    "merchant" : {
          "id" : "FQVN6GDWYT",
        "name" : "Decta merchant",
        "country" : "LV"
     "amount" : {
     "ccy" : "USD",
      "value" : "150.33" 
"accountNumber" : "0000006700",  
"transactionId" : "12345678",  
"otp" : "484848"


Push notification setup process for issuing partners

  1. The customer’s representative and their project manager from DECTA’s side agree on providing push notifications for their physical and virtual cards over a dedicated URL which the customer provides by email or other means. The integration is available when you have agreed to all requirements in accordance with the agreement.;
  2. As part of DECTA services we purpose, to send notification via HTTPS protocol by POST call. To start using this service, a partner should implement in his infrastructure web service which will be available from DECTA IP addresses. If this web service uses basic authentication, the credentials should be provided to DECTA for configuration. The web service should be ready to receive HTTP POST calls with a payload in JSON format. Each call represents a separate event message received. If the partner is not available or receives an HTTP error, then DECTA will forward push notifications every 20 seconds for 24 hours.
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