Legal Entity

Legal Entity is a Company that is the receiver of payment processing services provided by the Acquirer. It conducts business activity, has legal rights and obligations and is officially registered within a certain jurisdiction’s company registration authority.

The request POST/v1/api/legalentity creates a new Legal Entity object. Upon successful registration, a DECTA ID will be issued to set up the payment processing infrastructure, for example, defining the merchant location to receive a valid Merchant ID. The acquirer must have a valid reason for creating a Legal Entity, such as a signed provision of services agreement.

To retrieve information about a specific, previously registered Legal Entity object, use the request GET/v1/api/legalentity/{registrationNumber}. You must submit a valid Legal Entity registration number. The requester will then receive an overview of the actual information (as it is at the moment of request) of the Legal Entity.

If a Legal Entity has been registered several times with different Ancestor IDs, all the Legal Entity’s entries will be provided.

The request PATCH/v1/api/legalentity/{legalEntityID} is designed to update the information of the Legal Entity, for example, change of a legal name change or legal or business address. The registration number in conjunction with the jurisdiction is unique for each Legal Entity and cannot be updated for existing objects.

This function POST/v1/api/legalentity/{registrationNumber/rateplan} allows users to: A. apply a rate plan to a Legal Entity if it was not submitted in the initial Legal Entity registration request or B. swap rate plans

In scenario A the request currentRatePlanID parameter will be empty and replacementRatePlanID will contain the ID of the rate plan that needs to be applied.

In scenario B the request must contain an ID of the currently applied rate plan (currentRatePlanID) and the ID of the new rate plan (replacementRatePlanID).

An example of the potential use of scenario B. is when the Merchant’s business activity and risk level changes from Low to Medium, as a result of which the amount of fees increases.

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