Learn how to manage your clients and their information

After creating a private or business client object, you might need to manage or update the client information at a later time. Using DECTA API client requests you will be able to make any updates like address or phone at any time.

When you want to retrieve information about all your issued cards, you should use request GET/v1/api/clients to get a list of cards with detailed information.

To receive a detailed information about a specific card and client, use request GET/v1/api/clients/{clientId}. and select necessary PPAN.

When your client has changed his previous address and you want to update it, use this request PATCH/v1/api/clients/{clientId}/address and send the new address details. This functionality is available for TPP clients only.

If your client has updated or changed previous phone number, you can easily update it by using the request PUT/v1/api/clients/{clientId}/phone

The delivery address for physical cards may be different from the client’s registered address including shipment method, so we offer you the option to update it as needed. To do so, please use the request PATCH/v1/api/clients/{clientId}/delivery-address.

If you want to change the delivery address for a card that needs to be renewed or replaced, you should do this before ordering a new card.

When ordering the card your client sets up their passphrase, but they also have the option of changing it afterwards. Request will update also DECTA Secure passphrase. If client have multiple cards with DECTA Secure authentication method, password will be updated for all of them. To do so, use the request PUT/v1/api/clients/{clientId}/passphrase.

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