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When you are ready to start integration with DECTA API, just contact your DECTA Project Manager and we will provide you with further steps.

We provide two completely separate environments, one production and one test.

Both environments will have different data since the production environment will have the actual data, however, the test environment is used for testing to ensure that everything works perfectly. Nevertheless, all essential DAPI functions and requests will be available in both. In the test environment you won’t have access to real banks, but the test version provides the same features in order for you to secure that all functions work. If a new feature is added or there are any changes to existing ones, they first appear in the test environment and if everything is fine, later it is transferred in the production.

Both environments require certificates and access. A URL and a certificate for the test environment will be issued during the start of the integration, while production credentials will be issued upon completion of testing in the test environment. To streamline the integration process, all DECTA partners should fill out a questionnaire. For each client, DAPI functionality depends on their business specification and needs. Before going live, we advise clients to test their vital DAPI requests and in case of questions, contact the DECTA Support team. Also, to follow up on current updates and enhancements, we have a Changelog at

Integration with DAPI

DECTA API offers 9 card and client operations, and each client can choose and enable only the necessary functions based on their business requirements. DECTA API integration starts with your authentication. The authentication process is executed only once for each client for test and production environments and is attested by a certificate issued by DECTA.

Services/Environment Test Production
Card order
Order status
Card status change
Card information
Card transactions Yes - only internal and upon request
Card authorisations Yes - upon request
Client operations
Card operations
Token operations
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